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Understanding of The New Concept of Customer Engagement

Written By: Felix . C. Poudeu on January 15, 2013 Comments Off on Understanding of The New Concept of Customer Engagement

The measurement of customer engagement is a very essential part of the marketing innovation. It helps to gain the stand or diagnose of  customer behavior, customer insight and experience. Therefore, helps by the setting of new customer targeted strategies and tactics, as well as marketing. We try here to answer follow key questions.

Key Questions:

  • What are the causes and effects of the changed communications paradigm that new marketers face?
  • What are the best industry standards to measure of the effectiveness and efficiency of customer engagement in this new world?
  • How measure or calculate effectiveness and efficiency in this new market environment?
  • Why measure the customer engagement is important for companies?

The new concept of customer engagement vs. “marcom”(=Marketing Communication).

“Marcom” is an one way outbound concept, which don’t create interactivity and dialog platform for customer to communicate. We reach customers with short communications, and we expect that our message have impact and persuasion. This is old approach which don’t drive to high customer engagement and experience.

What is customer engagement?

Engagement is a narrative and a dialogue. Businesses engage customer not only with communications, but with

  • new ways for their customers to interact and identify new types of customer experience,
  • new ways for customers to review and receive the innovations that businesses bring to the market and
  • new solutions that redefine the relationship marketing.

It is an essential and vital point in the marketing innovation development process to create a customer-centric approach, which hepl to accelerate process of innovation, reducing product lifecycle, create competitive advantage and improve brand financial growth. (Example: Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, IBM).

What is The new concept of customer engagement?

The new concept of customer engagement requires “new” marketer to make significant changes in how to approach communications – “New Communication Approach” (NCA) includes follow characteristics:

  1. Direct individual addressable customer: Customer can be reach in different ways like E-mail, Instant Messenger, blogging, knowledge management tools, collaborative business software, or shopping. They could be reach at most the times and we can follow them on the web to analyze their behavior that reveals their needs.
  2. Customer-Controlled Ownership: Engagement is customer-controlled. Customer have control over the content they choose to receive. To engage customer, first of all we must understand their needs and preferences as individuals and communicate with them when they choose, rather than when the brand owner chooses. Engagement requires personal and individual understanding as well as customer’s permission.
  3. The increased speed of the marketing innovation cycleThe innovation from new technology development techniques is accelerating and makes Marketing Innovation Cycle (MIC) shorter and efficient. New products and services are ready to be launch before the marketing development cycle complete. Therefore organizations or systems need a new marketing development cycle (NMDC) that is equally agile.

What are the Characteristics Of The New Measurement Of Customer Engagement?

Measurement of customer engagement is a challenge for some company especially international companies, whose need to adapt their marketing innovation strategy depending of context.


What are Benefits of the New Concept of Customer Engagement:

  • Customer engagement drives to better understanding of customer need.
  • Customer engagement helps to achieve high customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.
  • Effective communication between organisation and customer and reducing of distance.
  • Increasing of marketing innovation cycle and In-ROI.
  • etc…

Some Thesis: Marketing Analystics, Web Analytics, CRM Analytics, Business Analytics

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