Project Integration Management

Project Scope Management

Project Communication Management

  • Project Plan Development 
  • Project Plan Execution
  • Integrated Change Control

  • Initiation
  • Scope Planning
  • Scope Definition
  • Scope Verification
  • Scope Change Control 
  • Communication Planning
  • Information Distribution
  • Performance Reporting
  • Administrative

Project Human Resource Management 

Project Cost Management

Project Risk Management

  • Organisational Planning
  • Staff Acquisition
  • Team Development
  • Resource Planning 
  • Cost Estimating
  • Cost Budgeting
  • Cost Control
  • Risk Identification
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Risk Response Planning
  • Risk Monitoring and control 

Project Time Management

Project Quality Management

Project Procurement Management

  • Activity Definition
  • Activity Sequencing
  • Activity Duration Estimating
  • Schedule Development
  • Schedule Control
  • Quality Planning
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Quality Control
  • Procurement Planning
  • Solicitation Planning
  • Solicitation
  • Source Selection
  • Contract Administration


Project Integration Management:

Integration Management in Projects (Project Integration Management) describes the processes and activities that integrate the various elements of project management.

The task is to identify it within the project management process, to define, combine, unify and coordinate.

The Project Integration Management includes following elements:

  • Developing the project contract
  • Developing the preliminary description of the scope and content of the Project
  • Developing the project management plan
  • Directing and managing project execution
  • Monitoring and Controlling of the project’s work
  • Integrated Change Management
  • Completing of the project

This knowledge area focuses on the creation of the “Project Charter”, the project scope statement and a viable project plan. Once the project is started, this knowledge area is used for monitoring and controlling the work. Also covers the area from the Change Management in the need to ensure such a change affects all other fields of knowledge.

Project Scope Management

In the scope management of project, the scope is defined, developed and its implementation ensured. One of the most important activities in the entire project management process is also done in this area: The creation of the Work-Breakdown-Structure (WBS).

The scope management describes the processes that serve to seizures that all necessary work (but only these) are carried out in the project in order to successfully complete the project.

The Project Scope Management includes following elements:

  • Planning the content and scope
  • Definition of the content and scope
  • Creating the Work-Breakdown-Structure (WBS)
  • Verify the contents and scope
  • Control of the content and scope

Project Time Management

The project time/schedule management describes the processes concerning the timely completion of the project.

The Project Time Management includes following elements:

  • Definition of processes
  • Breakdown the operation sequences
  • Use agent supply balance for the process
  • Estimate of task duration
  • Development of the schedule
  • Control of the schedule

The Project Time Management describes all activities which plan the temporal aspects of the project. Also here is the estimation of the individual activities, their correct order, and ultimately determines the overall duration of the project.

Project Cost Management

The Project Cost management describes the processes involved in planning, estimating, budgeting, and controlling costs to complete the project within the approved budget.

The Project Cost Management includes following elements:

  • Cost estimation
  • Cost planning
  • Cost budgeting
  • Control of costs

In this Knowledge Area costs are estimated, planned, budgeted and controlled.

Project Quality Management

The project quality management ensures that the final product of the project is created in the desired and according to defined quality. All activities related there to are located in: quality planning, Quality guarantee and control.

The Project Quality Management includes following elements:

  • Quality Planning
  • Performing quality assurance
  • Performing the quality control

The project quality management describes the processes that serve to ensure that the project its stated goals or objectives.

Project Human Resource Management

Personnel management in projects are described those processes which organize and manage the project team.

The Project Human Resource Management includes following elements:

  • Human resource planning
  • Compiling the project team
  • Developing the project team
  • Directing the project team

Here are demanded by management, the so-called “soft skills”, i.e. which deal with the skills of leadership and team development.

Whether you want to plan the project organization to recruit people for the project or to create or develop a team. These are the issues for which this process area is characterized responsible.

Project managers can and should not do it all themself! Project manager to lead the project and (for example, create concepts, write code, install cables, etc.) do not even implementation activities. For all of these implementing activities, he has the responsibility about the project team. This move does best possible way.

Project Communication Management

What is like when to whom communication or information is described in the communication management in projects? It describes – expressed formally – the temporal and appropriate generation, collection and dissemination and storage of project information.

The Project Communication Management includes following elements:

  • Communication planning
  • Information distribution
  • Progress reporting
  • Stakeholder management

One of the main activities of the project manager is communication. Up to 90% of his time spends the project manager with communication.

In this area, the knowledge corresponding aspects are described: From the basic aspects of communication on the subject of stakeholder management to the planning of communication in the project.

Project Risk Management

The Risk management in Project describes all processes that deal with risk management, and the risks of a project.

The Project Risk Management includes following elements:

  • Risk management planning
  • Risk identification
  • Qualitative risk analysis
  • Quantitative risk analysis
  • Risk response planning
  • Risk Monitoring and Control

Each project knows on risks. Risks are potential lying in the future events that may affect the success of the project.

The project risks have to be planned, analyzed and monitored. Similarly, measures the risks must be defined that can be taken to mitigate the impact of risks (Contigency) or to reduce their likelihood of occurrence or prevent (mitigation).

Project Procurement Management

The procurement management in projects describes the processes for the procurement or the purchase of products, services, or results, and the processes of order management.

The Project Procurement Management includes following elements:

  • Planning for purchases and procurements
  • Planning the contract management
  • Supplier inquiries
  • Supplier selection
  • Contract management
  • Termination of Contract

Projects often require services or to create other supplies to their product.

In this area are the topics: evaluate and select suppliers as well as the contract negotiations with them.

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