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Integrated Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Solution: End–To–End Solution

Written By: Felix . C. Poudeu on March 15, 2013 Comments Off on Integrated Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Solution: End–To–End Solution

Today technology is transforming marketing. In the 21 century it is emerging that the investment in integration of IT & marketing can generate big returns by powering brand-building techniques to drive top-line growth in new ways. However implementing this vision is a huge challenge.


  • How do you make IT the enabler for marketing to achieve top-line growth?
  • Why are end-to-end processes superior to point solution?
  • How do you get a 360-degree view of your customer through the convergence of marketing and technology for holistic customer relationship management?
  • How is IT integral to building brand equity to increase customer lifetime value CLV)?

All these questions are those that need an answer in the today and are challenge for the new marketer.

How differentiate point solution from end-to-end solution?

The characteristics of marketing that are barriers to adoption of significant technology. However, it make difficult for marketing personnel to move from the point solution towards end-to-end solution. What is a point solution? A point solution is a request for a recurring report, such as reporting around sales and shipments or supermarket checkout data.

Point solutions are all individual tools. there are follow:

  • Campaign planning and budgeting
  • Analytics and individual tools
  • Knowledge management systems
  • Digital asset management (DAM)
  • Marketing mix analytics and portals
  • etc…
One or two of them might be used to manage a specific project, but there do not integrate to create a complete end-to-end solution for the marketing function. Travel websites like www.expedia.com, www.tui.com are example of integrated end-to-end solution.

Integrated Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Solution-End–To–End Solution

  1. Knowledge management, data management, and advanced analytics to improve the insights function.
  2. More integration of the sales and marketing functions via integrated and synergistic solutions.
  3. Use advanced analytics and modeling for integrated forecasting, planning, budgeting, and ROI tools.
  4. Integrate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and DAM, and roll them into an EMM System.
Illustration Of Integrated EMM -End-To-End Solution:

PROPMI® Align Marketing Process Model (AMPM)

What does it take to transiting from point solution in marketing technological to the end-to-end system approach?

They are not technological; they are organizational. Following key factors are necessary:

  1.  Leadership: You must have your number one marketer on board, who needs to understand and champion IT and the program vision. They have to support standardizing and simplifying of marketing process.
  2. Process First, Technology Second: Map marketing process and implement the process improvements first and then deploy the organization structure needed to support the process, along with the technology solution. (Increase ROI, Synergies between marketing and sales, ability to conduct pre- and post-analysis…
  3. Marketer are  Creative Peoples; IT People Are Not: You need a sexy-looking solution, users friendly…
  4. Standardization Is a Benefit and a Necessity: The requested processes on the new brand were completely different than the brand he came from. Simplification and standardization are critical.
  5. Efficiencies Can Come from Surprising Places: You can increase efficiencies for improved compliance procedures for SOX (The Sarbanes-Oxley Act) and improved forecasting accuracy of sales and marketing events, such as coupon redemption.


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