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How Perform Customer Satisfaction, Retention And Loyalty In To Organization And Create Business Financial Grow And Business Sustainability.

Written By: Felix . C. Poudeu on February 4, 2013 Comments Off on How Perform Customer Satisfaction, Retention And Loyalty In To Organization And Create Business Financial Grow And Business Sustainability.

CRM (=Customer Relation-ship Management) is an IT-enabled business strategy with the outcomes to optimize profitability, revenue and customer’ s satisfaction, loyalty and retention by organizing around customer segments, fostering customer-satisfying behaviors and implementing customer-centric processes. CRM is a business strategy and is more than just a functional strategy, which touches organization as a whole – Marketing, Sales,  Information technology, logistics, finance, production, R&D, HR, and management.

Graphic: Illustration Of CRM & IT-Enabled Business Strategy:

PROPMI CRM & IT-enabled Business Strategy™


What is behind the CRM Organizational Process to understand?

  • Customer-Oriented Leadership (COL): Implementing of CRM help the organization to gain strong customer-oriented leadership.
  • Relation-ship-Oriented Organisation (ROO): The mission to be a relation-oriented organization is aimed to build long-term interaction, relation-ship with stakeholder.
  • Customer-centric Organisation (CCO): The corporate purpose is aimed to become more customer-oriented and put the customer in center of the business.
  • Customer Intimacy (CI): The main business strategy is to become more customer-centric and to win by customer intimacy, therefore, achieve a competitive advantage.
  • Added-Values: Company and employee’s values focus on caring for customers, and create customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. However, increase revenues, RFM, LTV, ROI, etc.
  • Customer Behavior Understanding (CBU): The better understanding of customer behavior aims to reflect customer empathy, and the wish to build long-term relation-ships and commitment.
  • Relation-oriented organizational culture (ROOC). The ROOC enables to re-think the way to communicate, to share information between stakeholder and to re-design the process of decision making, as well as create a culture of change and innovation.
  • Customer-centric Reengineering (CCR): An organization that puts customer in the center of business make customer the driving force of his business and therefore creates a sustainable competitive advantage. It shorts the innovation process cycle, accelerate the innovation decision-making process, etc…
  • People-Centric Organisation PCO): It is important that organisation puts people or employees in center of the business as well because they are caring for customers. Therefore, an immense need of tailored training like empathetic communication skills, emotional intelligence, assessment of customers behavior, etc.
  • Value Profit Chain and Balanced Scorecard (VPC and BSC): Systems that can help connect and manage hard values with soft values, such as the Value Profit Chain and the Balanced Scorecard.

What are the CRM Benefits?:

  • Strong relation-ship with clients offer a degree of protection against actions of competitors.
  • Winning new customer is 80% expensive, then retaining existing customers.
  • Satisfied customers may buy more, happy customers can bring additional customers.
  • Increase of profitability by create customer retention and loyalty.
  • Enhancing of revenues and brand financial potential.
  • Improvement of marketing effectiveness, ROI, ROMI, RFM, LTV, NPV.

Statement:  Implementing CRM in a holistic way is a very complex task.  This complexity makes large CRM investment profitability difficult and makes achieving of sustainable competitive advantage even more difficult.

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